Custom software? What does it mean?

Custom software is a vague term when you use it without context. So when we, at icapps, talk about custom software, what exactly do we want to say? That’s a question we asked our Account manager, Ben Swaelen, who talks about – and sells – our custom software projects on a daily basis, and our back-end developer, Maarten Anckaert, who’s building them for our customers. In this blog post, we’ll explain what custom software is, what the benefits are, and how we can help you with it. We’ll also zoom in on possible pitfalls and when it’s (not) a good idea to go for a tailor-made solution.

Change: how to deal with it?

There you are: at that point where you and the project team are all set to launch the new application you’ve been working on for a long time. You are breaking out of the cocoon of design, all ready to share your work with the world, filled with enthusiasm and pride! All the steps have been taken, and the roadmap for implementation is ready. And then you come to one of the most important milestones, if not the most important one: the moment you want to launch your product within the organization, because you know, without them it won’t work!